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If you are new to commissioning art, please take your time to look through all terms and conditions carefully before filling out a commission form! I maintain a fairly standard commission process, but the information present should answer any questions you may have.

  1. Commission slots are NOT first come first serve.

  2. Prices are in USD, and payment will be through Paypal only.

  3. Payment is paid upfront unless otherwise stated. Payment Installment plans will need to be paid in full before sent final commission.

  4. Fees listed are the lowest base price, and a final quote will be provided through email.

  5. Not all orders will be drawn live on my art stream, and if you wouldn't like me to draw your commission on stream, let me know!

  6. I will automatically send progress photos on commissions on large orders, custom orders, or if I'm designing a character for you.

  7. Please note that if you reach out for WIP (work in progress) checks, there may be delays if you take a while to respond. Unless I get your approval to proceed, I will not continue working on your commission.

  8. According to the type of commission, you can not exceed over the amount of edits you can have on your piece. The amount of edits allowed on each type of commission is on the commission webpage.

  9. If you require more edits or your commission done at a faster pace, please contact me and I'll add a fee to your invoice.

  10. Since I also make merchandise and travel to events/conventions across the country, there might be delays while working on your project close to event dates. (Don’t worry, I will let you know if this affects your commission.)

  11. If you have any concerns regarding specific steps of the commission process that are not covered on this page,  please contact me.


  • Commissions are for Personal Use only!
    For Commercial use rights, please email me directly at:


    Basically, you are free to:
    – use your artwork as your icon on personal social media accounts, or for advertising your stream/youtube/website/etc.
    – print them to display in your home, or to give as gifts to family and friends.

    You are NOT allowed to:
    – mass produce merchandise to sell, either by yourself or through a company.
    – claim that you created the artwork.

  • I reserve the right to accept or deny commissions at my own discretion. Please respect my decision, and do not hound me for an explanation.

  • I will not begin work unless I receive full payment. (orders over $150 may opt to set up a payment plan with me after acceptance)

  • Submitting an order form confirms your acceptance of my terms & conditions.

  • I reserve the right to post your commission to any of my social media (and tag you), unless requested otherwise.

  • Terms may be subject to change.



  • additional characters

  • complex outfits (many layered outfits with unique textiles, patterns, accessories, & armor)

  • Scenic backgrounds

  • Pets or any animal companions

  • Hard revisions after the sketching phase (drastic pose changes, outfit revisions, etc.)

  • Rush Fee (to meet deadlines less than 1 month after commission acceptance)

  • Character Design Fee (if you have no photo references of your character)

  • After meeting a number of included revisions, you can opt in for further edits, but you will be charged $15 per hour.


  • Please contact me if there is any issue with your order before asking for a refund. Communication is important!

  • I only offer a 50% refund if I have started the sketch.

  • Once linework or color have been started I will NOT refund you.

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